OPPO Digital Sonica Grand

Coming later this year.


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OPPO Sonica Grand is a Wi-Fi speaker designed with state of the art technology and features delivering unbeatable sound quality in a compact package. Its ability to be placed virtually anywhere you have a power outlet makes it perfect for high resolution, multi-room music streaming that anyone with a smartphone or tablet can easily use.


Sonica Grand comes equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of each of these technologies. With Wi-Fi, you get the benefit of controlling the speakers from anywhere in your home, higher quality sound, and the ability to stream to multiple speakers throughout your home. With Bluetooth, you have the convenience of a quick and simple connection for locations where Wi-Fi is not available.


Sonica Grand is controlled via a dedicated app that can stream high resolution audio files up to 192 kHz / 24-bit from your mobile devices, USB drives, DLNA servers, or NAS drives. Sonica Grand supports AirPlay and DLNA when connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, Bluetooth, and direct connection via a 3.5 mm analog input.


Each part of Sonica Grand is specifically designed for robust and engaging sound quality. Its curved chassis consists of a single unibody piece of aluminum and helps provide a stable foundation even at very high volumes. Sonica Grand houses a three-way sound system with seven active drivers and individual amplifiers. The alignment of the three long displacement woofers on the front panel guarantees a wide sound field, and with Sonica Grand's planar ribbon tweeters, you have an effortlessly smooth and detailed treble response. In addition, Sonica Grand features multiple sound optimization presets that can be used to tune the speaker's sound for different room environments and listening preferences.

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